From 29/APR 0:00 AM, six types of premises which are currently required to be closed, including bars or pubs, clubs or nightclubs, bathhouses, party rooms, karaoke establishments and mahjong-tin kau premises can resume operation if they can fulfil the requirements under the "vaccine bubble".

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Hong Kong Island cruising space


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A popular cruising spot near MTR "Causeway Bay Station". The labyrinthine area is dark and narrow, and the chances of meeting people are high. In addition, the private rooms in the area have a variety of rooms from mat private rooms to private rooms with swings. There is also a small sauna next to the shower. In the resting room, there is a free drink bar, a cell phone charging spot, cup ramen (Charge), etc. Also, around 26 o'clock, the staff start distributing pillows and blankets. The peak hours are from 18 o'clock to 22 o'clock on weekdays and from 15 o'clock on weekends. There are a lot of events, so check out "SODA" on Facebook. The entrance may be closed after 20 o'clock, so you can unlock the doors by pushing the doorbell next to the entrance. If the door on the stairs ahead is closed, open it by pressing the number "1417".


(1) Pay the entrance fee at the reception desk
(2) Get a locker key and towel
(3) Change clothes in the locker area
(4) Take a shower
(5) Head to the cruise space
(6) Return only the locker key to the reception desk on the way back
(Return the towel to the box in the shower area.)

Opening Hours

Business Day : 24 hours
Day Off :

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20s 30s 40s
All genres
Credit cards
Not available
Available Languages
English Chinese
Barrier free
Not available


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