Shinjuku・Yoyogi cruising space


20s 30s 40s Hunk Chubby Bear Beard Short hair Wifi English Japanese Chinese

This shop is modelled after “bears and forest” so bunch of trees are used for the interior ornaments and natural sound is used for BGM in the shop. The shop is always busy with gays from all over the world and many of them stay for long hours. The peak is from 12 at midnight to the morning time. Many people visit in the early morning too. There are huge lockers that can accommodate your suitcases and music instruments, also the space you can charge your smartphone, and other amenities as well. There is a face-to-face reception so good for beginners. There is a free access to the adjoining shop “BodyBreath!” And there are English, Korean, Chinese, Thai subscription in the shop.   

1. Pay the entry fee at the reception.
2. Receive your locker key.
3. Put your shoes and bags in the locker
5. Give your key back to the reception when you leave.

Opening Hours

Business Day : Open 24 hours
Day Off :

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Base cost: 1500 Yen ※Discount services


20s 30s 40s
Hunk Chubby Bear Beard Short hair
Credit cards
Not available
Available Languages
English Japanese Chinese
Barrier free
Not available


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かずゆき – Japanese - Visited at Feb 2021

A development site where people with a large physique gather. It's easier to get in compared to other cruising for sex, which is hard to stay if you don't have a lot of muscles, and I think you'll be wearing a fat knight as well. It seems that there is a rush to say what you are saying while going to the development site, but the hygiene awareness is higher than other development sites, everyone in the store is obliged to wear a mask, and the inside of the store is a large size sterilization Wet wipes and alcohol sprays are everywhere. It is connected to the development site called Body Breath next door, and you can enter Body Breath from Bears Camp, so even if there is no good person here, you can move to the next door as it is, so you are so particular about your body shape. Nobody, for everyone, shouldn't end up without doing it.

Posted at Sat, 13 Mar 2021 Updated dat Tue, 16 Mar 2021

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