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Kyobashi cruising space


30s 40s All genres Wifi Japanese

【 Store Introduction - from Gay Life Daily】A cruising space where the one floor of the shop is for previewing non-gay adult DVD catered for gay people. Since it is a shop previewing a DVD even if it is a cruising space, it is also possible to preview an adult DVD in a private room. There are 16 private rooms, 2 free rooms, a shower room and a magazine corner, and facilities are available as well..

▼ Directions:
❶ Choose the DVD you want to see up to 5 at the DVD corner on the 1st floor (up to 1 piece of nonsmoking thing)
❷ Say the "3rd floor room" because the course will be asked at reception ※ Membership cards unnecessary from the next time
❸ Pay 1500 yen
❹ Go to private room with designated number on 3rd floor
❺ Enjoy in private room or free room
❻ Exit within 12 hours from reception time (In case of extension request, Offer ※ If there is no offer, 500 yen will be added for every 30 minutes extension.

Opening Hours

Business Day : Open 24 hours
Day Off :

360-Degree Images



12 hours 1500 yen


30s 40s
All genres
Credit cards
Not available
Available Languages
Barrier free
Not available


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