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G*star Club

G*star Club

20s 30s 40s All genres Wifi Female visiting English Chinese

from Joooint

One of the largest gay clubs in Taiwan. It is full of fashionable young people, especially the DJ time at 1: 30 ~ 3: 00 on Friday and Saturday is very crowded. In addition, GOGO boy and white shirt events are held irregularly (Event details posted on Facebook). Definitely a must if you are going to Taipei.

▼ System:
❶Show your ID card (Passports for foreigners) at the entrance
❷ get a stamp on your card (freedom to go out), ❸purchase admission and drink tickets at the ticket booth at the entrance of the venue.

Opening Days

Business Day : 22:00‐5:00
Day Off :

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Admission fee 200 Yuan ~ ※ It depends on the day of the week and time.


20s 30s 40s
All genres
Barrier free
not avail
Female visiting
Female visiting
Credit cards
not avail
Available Languages
English Chinese