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Roy to Silo

Roy to Silo

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It's a parfait shop run by gay couples.

The mint color interior is decorated with stuffed penguins, picture books, illustrations and daily necessities, making you feel like you are lost in a cute story. The parfait served also bears the name of penguin, so you can enjoy sweet time at night.

Another feature is that they are open until late at night. Especially if you are staying in Shinjuku for sightseeing, I recommend it because it is easy to enter during the night on weekdays.

It's a small restaurant with 9 seats at the counter, so you have to enter every hour. Especially on weekends, it's better to have plenty of time.

We accept reservations for the day only at the store.
No smoking in the store. This is a parfait restaurant, so please refrain from entering if you are drunk or cause trouble to other customers.

Opening Hours

Mon Day Off

Tue Day Off

Wed 22:00 - Next 3:30

Thu 22:00 - Next 3:30

Fri 22:00 - Next 3:30

Sat 22:00 - Next 3:30

Sun 22:00 - Next 3:30
We have lunch time on the fourth Sunday ( 12:00 -20:00/Reservation required on the dedicated site ) .

Hol 22:00 - Next 3:30
*Business hours may vary.

Business Day : 22:00-3:30 (Last order 3: 00)
Day Off : Mon-Tue ( Lunch time is held irregularly on Tuesdays. )

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System/food menu and drink ordered separately (Please refrain from ordering single items.)

◇Parfait Menu
└ Silo/ 1300 yen (White Specialty Parfait with Homemade Mint White Chocolate)
└ Roy/ 1300 yen (A bitter banana parfait based on caramel and orange.)
└ Tango/ 1500 yen (Pistachio and Strawberry Parfait with Penguin Cookies)
└ Parfait (Please refer to HP and SNS.)
*Roy and Silo are a couple of penguins, and Tango comes from the name of a penguin cub raised between them.

◆Drink menu
└ Soft Drink/ 750 yen ~
└ Alcohol/ 800 yen ~

・Entrance Fee (Charge)
└ 24: 00-3: 00/ 500 yen (Free from 22: 00 to 23: 00)

Other Menu Details here


All genres
Not available
Barrier free
Customer Sexuality
Female visiting
Female visiting
It's a store where female customers are the main customers.
Credit cards
Available Languages
English Japanese


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