The risk of occurrence of clusters is particularly high when the “Three Cs” overlap.
1.Closed spaces with insufficient ventilation
2.Crowded conditions with people
3.Conversations in short distance
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Shinjuku・Yoyogi cruising space


10s 20s 30s All genres Student with clothes on Shower booth Smoking area Video booth Magazine rack Locker room Lounge Private room Mix room Restroom Towel Condom Mouth wash toothbrush Member Card Drinks Sales Amenities Sales Wifi English Japanese

Cruising space with DVD-BOX near Nakadori in Shinjuku 2-chome.
For beginners of cruising, if you tell the receptionist that you have come here for the first time, they will respond and explain the shop's system. In addition, since it is a clothing style, it is a feature that it is safe for beginners.

❶Pay at reception (Cash Only) Discounts available (Identification Cards Required, etc.)
❷Putting luggage in a locker (Clothing/underwear on the event day)
❸At the reception desk, you give your locker key and receive a number ticket.
When using a DVD-BOX, receive the box key, desired DVD (Up to 3 points), and remote control (Return to reception when leaving).
※ You can use DVD-BOX for up to 1.5 hour (You can use the box for up to 1 hour only on Saturdays. If there is no one waiting to use the BOX, you can continue to use it ).
If the room is full, an announcement will be made as soon as it becomes available.
(Space other than DVD-BOX can be used until leaving the store)
❹Cruising on DVD-BOX and Free BOX
❺When you leave the store, you hand in your number ticket, receive the locker key, take out your luggage and leave.

Opening Hours

Mon 12:00 - 23:30

Tue 12:00 - 23:30

Wed 12:00 - 23:30

Thu 12:00 - 23:30

Fri 12:00 - Next 6:00

Sat 12:00 - Next 6:00

Sun 12:00 - Next 5:00

Hol 12:00 - 23:30

Business Day : 12:00-23:30 ( Fri~Sat 12:00~6:00, Sun 12:00-5:00 )
Day Off : ー

360-Degree Images



General: 1300 yen U-25: 600yen ( Certificate required )


10s 20s 30s
All genres Student
with clothes on
Shower booth Smoking area Video booth Magazine rack Locker room Lounge Private room Mix room Restroom
Towel Condom Mouth wash toothbrush
Member Card Drinks Sales Amenities Sales
Credit cards
Not available
Available Languages
English Japanese
Barrier free
Not available


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さとる – Japanese - Visited at Apr 2020

I went to Sweatday. Feel free to enjoy the eroticism at North E. I'm not good at cruising for sex, so you can easily enjoy it here.

Posted at Wed, 28 Oct 2020 Updated dat Wed, 28 Oct 2020
タツ – Japanese - Visited at Aug 2019

There aren't many places where you can put on clothes, and I think it was about GATE IN here and at Tokyo Station, but since GATE IN has already closed, maybe it's only here in Tokyo? ?? There are many beginners, so if you're not that crazy, I think it's a good idea to go here first as a trial.

Posted at Sun, 29 Nov 2020 Updated dat Tue, 08 Dec 2020

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